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Managed and On-Demand IT Support

Nsite Solutions shares its technology and business insight to deliver complete solutions for your business.

Nsite Solutions shares its technology and business acumen to deliver complete solutions for your business. We not only aim to serve your technology needs but provide sound technology guidance in areas that may currently reside in your blind spot. We always remain mindful that we serve people—not computers or devices. Nsite Solutions offers flexible technology services that fit your unique circumstances. Our ability to adapt to our clients is required in the fast-paced Information Technology industry, especially when working from home! Some key benefits of Managed IT Support include proactive maintenance, increased security, more frequent software updates, predictable IT costs, less down-time, and clearer expectations of system performance. Our On-demand IT Support is available if you wish to use our services periodically or to supplement your existing IT staff with our technical expertise and resources. We provide consultation on projects for which your existing IT staff or technician may need additional assistance.

IT Projects and Overhauls

We believe that technology should enhance the quality of your business and increase your company’s profits. Sometimes, a business does not know what it does not know. Allow us to analyze your existing IT infrastructure and determine whether it is running at optimal performance.  Oftentimes a business can benefit from a fresh perspective. We offer technology consultation so that you avoid unnecessary expenses and burdens from ill-planned projects.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration and Support

Operational efficiency can be greatly increased when you move from a traditional in-house server to a virtual server in the Cloud. Keeping your company data secure and highly available in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud can tremendously improve the reliability when accessing your server, especially when working from home. The utilization of the Cloud alleviates server access outages caused by Internet provider issues, local or city-wide power outages and server hardware failures.

Microsoft 365 Email Migration and Support

Whether you are migrating from older POP or IMAP technology, from in-house Exchange server or from Google we can support your move to Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365). Even if your existing IT technician possesses the technical skills, the scope of the project may require additional resources. As a Microsoft Partner, our company has established professional guidelines based on best practices and documentation for particular types of projects that standardize the process, minimize the downtime, and enhance the project’s success. When you partner with our team, we design a plan, execute, and deliver results that not only achieve technical goals but match the proper expectations.

Security Audits, Business Continuity and Compliance

Most businesses can no longer consider security as an optional luxury. Today with countless cyber threats from hackers and viruses, a business must protect its data as one of its most precious assets. A company’s valued reputation and brand can suddenly become damaged from embarrassing data leaks and identity theft. Non-compliance from various regulatory agencies could potentially pose an existential threat to a business. Having a comprehensive Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan can make the difference between being a victim and being back in business when a disaster strikes. Nsite Solutions believes that everyone’s life is better when you prevent problems rather than scrambling to find quick fixes.

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